Radiator Measuring Guide for help ordering a radiator cover

In order to select the correct radiator cover for your radiator we have constructed this simple guide to help you choose.

The illustration below shows a normal radiator and the three main sizes you will need to measure.
The width measurement needs to include the valves on the left and right, you need to allow extra air space on this width measurement of a minimum of 1cm, we advise adding 3-4cm.
The height measurement is from the floor to the top of you radiator (please check both side as the radiator may not be level) and we advise you need an extra 3cm above your radiator to allow for heat to rise and to fit the internal drop on brackets (supplied with radiator cover).

The depth Measurement is from the wall to the front or furthest part forwards on your radiator and again check both sides, We advise you need an additional 2cm to the depth again to allow for air flow.

It is crucial that the extra sizes are added to your radiator sizes to ensure you dont reduce the heat efficiency out put of your radiator and also to ensure a good fit.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Measuring Your Skirting Board

The skirting board cut out is required if you have a skirting board on the wall or even a floor bead etc or your radiator cover will not seat back to the wall correctly, if you do have a laminate floor bead or any other obstruction please leave a message with your order with size and description or email a picture over and we will cut this out for you.

The two measurements needed of your skirting board are from the floor or carpet (if you have carpet please push your tape measure into the pile) and get a measurement to the top of the skirting board, Then you will need to get a depth measurement, this is best measured by using a hard back book and holding the book on the floor and also against the skirting board and then measure the distance from the book against the skirting board to the wall.