Oak Radiator covers

Please note there is a manufacture time on all our radiator cabinets and due to COVID-19 we are working with limited staff, the lead time is approximately 4 weeks from order date!

Our made to measure radiator covers are for sale online with nation wide delivery flat packed.
our custom made cabinets will transform your radiator into a bespoke piece of furniture.

Our oak veneer radiator cabinets are available in two finishes untreated finish or fully finished by our selves in our spray booth.
The untreated versions are sanded to 180 grit on all surfaces to produce a smooth flat finish for you to apply your choice of finish, you can use oils, stains water based and chemical based, varnishes lacquers or any other wood sealer protector of your choice.
The finished lacquer version is treated by our selves we apply two high build sealer coats to fill and flatten the edges and surfaces to a smooth surface then we apply around 3-4 coats of a clear coat lacquer with a light sand in between coats to produce a smooth flat satin finish which is water and scratch resistant.

Our oak veneer radiator cabinets are manufactured from premium quality 19mm American white oak veneer on the outer surfaces and bare MDF on the edges, the bare MDF can be treated as above with any coating and will match the oak veneer surfaces in colour we do not apply any edgings to the bare ends as this has proved not to work in the past.

Our radiator cabinets come in various standard sizes of mini, small, medium, large, extra large and super sized which suits most locations.

​​​​​​​Our radiator covers can be personally customised to create a distinctive piece of furniture to fit your personal needs and space available, we would ask you to buy the next size up from your radiator and leave a message or contact us after you order with the custom dimensions you require please take a look at our Radiator measuring guide at the bottom of our webpage to find the measurements needed.

Our radiator cabinets are a modern contemporary design with safety feature of rounded corners on the shelf and bull nosed profiles on the front edges to avoid sharp corners and will look very elegant in your home or work place they also make a cost effective safety feature for care homes and child nurseries to avoid contact with hot surface and to meet the relevant safety standards.

Our radiator covers are high quality and made from premium density MDF 19mm real oak wood veneered MDF, our radiator cover grilles and screening panels are also premium material the pattern decorative oak fret work are 4mm in thickness with a laminated oak veneer on both sides, these are also sold separately and can be used for many jobs around the home or work place. 

Our radiator cabinets are bespoke made by professionally trained staff and are all manufactured at our industrial unit in the UK, they are supplied with easy to assemble parts with full instructions and all the necessary screws and wall fixing brackets to complete the installation in your home or work place.
Our units are secured together with screws and not clip together like most other cabinets which provides a strong and solid construction and they use our drop on bracket system to secure them to the wall this also means they are easily removed for adjustments of the heater or for maintenance or cleaning.

Our radiator covers are made to order so please allow around 2-3 weeks for production and finishing, we will contact you personally to arrange a suitable delivery day when your order is packaged.